About us

Caribbean News Digital (CND), the electronic newspaper of the Excelencias Group, is mainly aimed at tourism professionals, although it is also of interest to travelers. More than 372 thousand subscribers in 166 countries have our websites, available in five languages ​​from Monday to Friday. The CND has two special editions, Excelencias Panamá and Excelencias Cuba, which, exclusively, specialize in news, events and interesting events from and about these countries.


The CND is also on Twitter and Facebook. Caribbean News Digital offers the most complete and interesting information of the most important issuing markets that send tourists to Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as containing numerous interviews with important personalities, government representatives, business leaders and sectors related to tourism, and received during congresses, exhibitions and other important events in the world of tourism. The pages of our site offer free consultations with a complete archive of publications of the main tourism forums in Europe, the Caribbean islands and Latin America.


The CND website provides direct access to information and publicity to tens of thousands of professionals with great potential and opportunities to make important decisions in the sector related to the tourism and travel industry.

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