Airbnb Chips in $653 Million to Montreal Tourism

04 March 2019 2:45pm
airbnb in Montreal

The home-sharing economy in Montreal provides a significant boost to the Quebec economy through Airbnb guest stays.

The GLS Réseaux study on behalf of Airbnb reveals that total spending through all Airbnb operations amounted to $653 million in Montreal last year. The tourists who stayed with Airbnb hosts in Montreal spent $475 million in the city, higher than recent studies indicated for Toronto and Vancouver.

Rémy Gauthier, President at GLS Réseaux said that the numbers clearly show Airbnb is having a meaningful impact on Montreal’s local economy.

Spending by Airbnb hosts and guests is supporting jobs and generating new income for local neighborhoods outside traditional tourist areas. Montreal’s 13,000 Airbnb hosts received more than 283,000 trips last year.

Airbnb’s Luxury Retreats, with its head office in Montreal, generates a significant number of high-quality jobs (350 employees).

Last year, Airbnb in Montreal directly supported more than 3,300 jobs and contributed over $20 million to public insurance programs, pensions and social services. About 75 percent of Airbnb guests are more likely to travel to Montreal again because of Airbnb’s offerings.

There are about 45,000 people stayed with Airbnb hosts last year during the Montreal International Jazz Festival and spent $6.2 million on accommodations.

The net impact of Airbnb on the Quebec GDP is $189 million, as a result of all guest spending, host earnings, and operational expenses for Luxury Retreats.

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