Orlando International Airport Files Lawsuit over Misleading Name

26 March 2019 2:38pm
Orlando airport

The officials at the Orlando International Airport in Florida are suing the Melbourne Airport on the basis that travelers were being misled and confused by the name.

According to a report the suit filed in the U.S. District Court claimed of trademark infringement and false advertising.

The airport has been asked by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) to remove ‘Orlando’ from its title.

The GOAA has claimed that the name makes it seem as if the airport is closer to Orlando and Orlando area attraction than it actually is. However, the airport is located in Melbourne which is 70 miles from Orlando.

The lawsuit read as – The illegal advertisements are intended to cause consumers to stop booking airline flights to GOAA’s Orlando International Airport, and opt instead to mistakenly fly to Melbourne International Airport.

Each year, the Orlando International Airport sees 47 million passengers passing through while Orlando Melbourne airport is known to welcome fewer than a million.

The Orlando Melbourne airport boasts of being one of the most beautiful airports to land at in the world. There are other misleading airport titles which earlier came under fire.

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