The Wonders of Panama City

15 August 2019 10:49am
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The Wonders of Panama City

Declared a World Heritage Site, Our Lady of the Assumption of Panama celebrates half a millennium of its founded on August 15, the date on which the 105th year of the inauguration of the interoceanic canal of this country, considered an important achievement of the modern engineering. 

For both festivities, the capital of the Central American nation is decorated and offers citizens and visitors varied cultural activities, as well as tours of those and other places of great value, converted into symbols of this city and the whole country. 

Panama la Vieja

Panama City

For the curious traveler and history lover, touring the territory occupied by Panama the Old One is a must-see. The now known as monumental ensemble keeps the ruins of the first settlement established by the Spanish colonizers on the coast American Pacific Ocean. 

Located between the mouths of the Rivers Algarrobo and Abajo, it comprises an area of about 28 hectares and houses the remains of relevant buildings of the colonial era, as well as the archaeological remains of that period and the pre-Hispanic. 

Among other options, interested parties can take walks, visit the museum of the site and climb to the viewpoint of the Tower, from where you can see the Bay of Panama. 

Old Town 

Panama City

As the Old Town is known the site where the city was moved in 1673 following the attack of the English pirate Henry Morgan, about eight kilometers from the first settlement. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1997, it retains its lattice structure, colonial, neoclassical and other styles. It is an important tourist destination and has squares of great importance such as Independence, Plaza Bolívar, La Herrera and Francia.

Among its buildings stand out the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Church of San José, the Municipal Palace, the House Góngora and the Bocayá, the Panama Canal Museum and the Gran Hotel Central. 

The Panama Canal

Panama City

This important interoceanic waterway is a symbol of Panama and a key structure for the economic and commercial development of the country and the world. Curious people can observe it from viewpoints such as the Metropolitan Natural Park, climb to the top of Cerro Ancón, go to the Miraflores Locks Visitor Center or take boat tours offered by tourist companies, among other options . 

Cerro Ancón

Panama City

This elevation of about 200 meters above sea level has a wide variety of species of flora and fauna and offers wonderful views. The walks along its trails are highly appreciated by nature lovers and at the top there is a monument to the poet Amelia Denis de Icaza and a Panamanian flag.

Parks and Viewpoints

Panama City

Panama City has viewpoints such as the Pacific, Cerro Cedro and Sosa Hill Lookout, from which you can enjoy stunning scenery. In addition, it has treasures such as the Metropolitan Natural Park, a protected area of great relevance and natural wealth. These and other sites are part of the wonders of the Panamanian capital and give the Central American nation an undisputed appeal.

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