AA Crew Subdues Unruly Passenger with Duct Tape

AA Crew Subdues Unruly Passenger with Duct Tape

Written by: coordinador

A passenger on board a flight of American Airlines that was travelling from DFW International Airport to North Carolina was compelled to be restrained with zip ties and duct tape Wednesday morning after the authorities asserted that she had turned violent.

Flight 1033 was approaching Charlotte Douglas International Airport when Charlene Sarieann Harriott, a 36-year-old woman seated at the rear of the plane suddenly started running towards the cockpit, as per a criminal complaint.

Then, the flight attendants chased after Harriott when she refused to stop as reported by the news media.

Eventually they managed to restrain her in the first-class section with the help of zip ties and duct tape as the airplane touched down. At that point Harriott had become “more aggressive and physically violent” as per the complaint.

She had bit one of the crew members on the arm and broke his skin. Also she had kicked another attendant in the stomach and leg and also punched a third crew member in the arm. The woman was arrested on three counts of battery and assault.

Furthermore, she was being held Thursday at the jail of the Mecklenberg County. And, she would be remaining there till a detention hearing next week.

The flight attendants, however were not seriously injured. They were then treated at a clinic at the airport.

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