Antigua’s Tourism Partners with GARD Center

04 October 2011 3:47pm
Antigua’s Tourism Partners with GARD Center

Antigua’s Tourism Partners with GARD Center

The Ministry of Tourism has joined with the Gilbert Agriculture & Rural Development Centre (GARDC), the local partner for the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA), to develop information management and partnership strategies needed for policy formulation and implementation.

A brief ceremony was held at the Ministry of Tourism with Sue Evan Wong, information officer at the GARD Centre, Jennifer Maynard –agrotourism consultant within the Ministry of Tourism, and Corthwright Marshall, director of Tourism Policy and Planning.

The team intends to increase visibility and distribution of its publications designed for farmers, backyard gardeners, and entrepreneurs including those running or developing an agrotourism-related business.

These publications have been placed in display cabinets in strategic locations, and anyone who requires information on any of the books can request them from the GARD Center. The CTA was established in 1983 under the Lome Convention between the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and European Union Member States.

It aims to develop and provide services that improve access to information for agricultural and rural development, and to strengthen the capacity for ACP countries to produce, acquire, exchange, and utilize information in these areas.

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