Caguayo Foundation’s Actions to Celebrate 500th Anniversary of Santiago de Cuba

12 February 2015 8:59am
Caguayo Foundation’s Actions to Celebrate 500th Anniversary of Santiago de Cuba

Cuba’s Hero City is making arrangements to celebrate in July 500 years since it was founded by Diego Velázquez de Cuellar. Caguayo Foundation for Applied and Monumental Arts stands among the cultural institutions that are organizing actions to celebrate such an important development.

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The outstanding Santiago-born artist Alberto Lescay Merencio, founding director of the institution 20 ago, told CND: “We’re developing several actions related to the 500th anniversary. One of them aims at the rescue of the “Park of Sculptures”, a project that dates back from 1980 and is made up of international and environmental sculptures, the most important one in Cuba.”

The creator of three-dimensional piece named “Vuelo Lam”, dedicated to the most universal of Cuban painters – Wifredo Lam – commented that “hurricane Sandy devastated most of the works and we’re working to restore them. We have already done over 80 per cent of the work and sensitized a group of institutions to join this action.”

Caguayo Foundation has begun working on the monument to Mariana Grajales, Mother of Homeland as Master Lescay said, and he pointed out that, before working on the equestrian figure of Antonio Maceo for the group of monuments at the Revolution Square, he had studied his mother and taken some pictures: “Now I’ve been given the honor of working on her monument in Santiago de Cuba, as there was none.”

Although we don’t know the exact location where Mariana Grajales’ bust is going to be placed, Lescay underscores that it’s going to be a bright and colorful, meaningful and public place in the city, just what she deserves.

This remarkable Santiago-based cultural institution that works with monumental sculptural pieces, ceramics, smithy, environmental design and photography, also fosters research and publications, such as the editorial series entitled “Artistic and Literary Culture in Santiago de Cuba. Half a Millennium.”

In this regard, the famous painter said: “Caguayo Foundation has promised to finish the project within the framework of the 500th anniversary of the Village. It’s a research developed by authorized specialists, a multidisciplinary team that deals with different topics of artistic and literary culture in an effort to save this highly-valuable historic memory and back up Santiago de Cuba’s condition of cultural city.     

Volume 1 “El entrono” of “Protagonistas de las Artes Visuales”, by authors Jose Veigas and Antonio Desquiron; Santiago Literario, by Leon Estrada; A Capa y Espada. La aventura de la pantalla, by Reinaldo Cedeño Pineda and Eric Caraballoso Díaz’s La palabra en el aire. Memorias de la radio santiaguera have been published in this editorial series that includes popular traditional music, theater, music and dance.

Caguayo Foundation for Applied and Monumental Arts is always looking into the artistic needs of Santiago de Cuba and these actions are being carried out to salute the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the Village.    

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