Caribbean Tourism Unveils New Marketing Campaign

21 October 2018 1:21am
Caribbean Tourism Unveils New Marketing Campaign

Caribbean tourism officials have launched a new marketing campaign, "The Rhythm Never Stops." One of the world’s best vacation destinations has a new, musically-inspired marketing campaign.

Inspired by the Caribbean's sounds and sights, the region's leading tourism entities have joined forces to launch "The Rhythm Never Stops" - a vibrant marketing campaign enticing Canadians and other travelers to revel in the Caribbean's incredible natural beauty, diverse cultures and hidden treasures.

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) unveiled the fruit of months of collaborative efforts to showcase the Caribbean in a new, dynamic digital campaign, which started this week.

Supported by a select group of destinations and private sector partners, the video presentation targets social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Google Display. It features the electronic dance music of "Lean On" by Major Lazer x DJ Snake (feat. Mø), one of the most-streamed songs of all time on Spotify.

Hugh Riley, Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, said the Caribbean aims to be the world's most desirable tourism destination. "With the resilience of our people and the year-round nature of our product, we are determined to ensure that in the Caribbean 'The Rhythm Never Stops,’” Riley said.

"In undertaking this collaborative marketing thrust, we hope to reinforce the power of 'Brand Caribbean', definitively showcasing and celebrating our diverse cultural appeal through a campaign that will encourage visitors to find their own rhythm in the Caribbean," he said.

Frank Comito, Director General and CEO of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, pointed out that, from Bermuda in the north to Barbados in the south, the region comprises more than 30 countries, territories and overseas departments, offering constantly evolving rhythmic segues for travelers.

"Visitors, past and present, have not been introduced to the offerings of our vast and diverse region. We will change that by highlighting the charms contained in the million square miles of Caribbean Sea, home to French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Creole, African, Asian, American and many other cultures," he said, encouraging residents and visitors to experience more of the region's rhythms.

U.S. visits to the Caribbean are down more than 15 per cent so far this year, but Canadian visits are up 4.7 per cent. At the recent SOTIC (State of Tourism Industry Conference) meetings in The Bahamas, Riley and other CTO officials lamented that too many would-be visitors were scared off by last fall’s hurricanes, which only affected a few islands.

“People were confusing Barbuda and Barbados, or Aruba and Antigua,” one official said. “Many people don’t realize that it’s a three-hour flight from The Bahamas to Barbados.”

Here’s something I didn’t know until I looked it up: The Bahamas are closer to Toronto than they are to Saint Lucia. If that doesn’t tell you something about the size of the Caribbean, I don’t know what does.

The initial phase of the Rhythm Never Stops online campaign runs for 12 weeks. It highlights destinations such as The Bahamas in the north; Cayman Islands and Jamaica in the western Caribbean; the French department of Martinique and its eastern Caribbean neighbor Saint Lucia, as well as Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago in the south.

Both CHTA and CTO will track results of the digital advertising and social media-sharing campaign and continue to encourage other tourism-related entities to get on board with their longer-term collaborations.

The Rhythm Never Stops is a unique partnership between the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

The campaign will operate in phases, with phase one made possible by Mastercard, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and Saint Lucia Tourism Enhancement Fund, Grenada Tourism Authority; Jamaica Tourist Board, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Martinique Tourism Authority, Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, and the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Tourism.

The multifaceted awareness campaign calls attention to the rich diversity of the Caribbean - including its cultures, experiences and tourism products - and showcases that the entire region is thriving and open for business.

Source: Travel Pulse

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