Cozumel to Become Mexico’s First “Smart Tourist Destination”

Cozumel to Become Mexico’s First “Smart Tourist Destination”

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The beautiful island of Cozumel, located to the East of the Yucatan Peninsula, right in the Mexican Caribbean, is getting ready to become the first “Smart Destination” in Mexico.

The project, that has been inspired on an initiative recently implemented by the Spain’s Ministry of Tourism, is intended to give the destination a fresh transformation under the premises of accessibility, innovation, sustainability and technology.

Spain and Mexico have been working together by sharing each other’s strategies for tourism development; Mexico shared their “Pueblos Mágicos” (Magic Towns) initiative, and Spain shared with Mexico the “Smart Destination” project in which the main idea is to focus the tourism industry development through technology and sustainability.

A few days ago, the report and action plan regarding the strategies to turn Cozumel into the first Mexican Smart Destination was presented, providing a list of the necessary features, adaptations and arrangements to bring the island to a new level of tourism development in which the most important thing is to maintain sustainability and ease the interaction of all the visitors with the environment, while increasing the quality of their travel experience at the same time.

Some of the necessary actions to be taken in the next few months are to improve the communications infrastructure, create a technological platform that can coordinate the proper interaction between the three levels of government along with the tourism service providers, and therefore establish new innovative business and operation models.

The main idea of transforming Cozumel into a Smart Destination is to keep the island as innovative as possible, increase its competitiveness and attract broader markets.

Source: The Yucatan Times

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