Cubans to Visit Panama with Tourist Cards

23 October 2018 1:20pm
Cubans to Visit Panama with Tourist Cards

The Panamanian government has made the entry of Cuban citizens into the country more flexible by granting a tourist card for those who travel for shopping or visiting reasons, according to presidential decree.

The requirements to get the document include that those interested must show their identification as registered Individual Workers (self-employed) or be duly accredited craftsmen and, in addition, those who prove that they have traveled before to Panama or a third country may also obtain the permit.

The card will only be granted to those who previously have a round trip ticket to Cuba, authorizes a single entry with a stay of 30 calendar days, will have a cost of 20 dollars and will be purchased at the Consulate of Panama in Havana or other places in the country established by the Panamanian authorities for that purpose.

During the current administration of Juan Carlos Varela, Panama changed its migration policy on Cuba, whose nationals had to go through a cumbersome and delayed approval process to receive a tourist visa.

This visa allows multiple entries and exits to the Central American country for three years, while in early October it extended that time to five years, which also has favored nationals from China, the Dominican Republic, India and Venezuela.

Regarding Venezuela, on Monday, the Panamanian government also created a mechanism for Venezuelan residents who request the family reunification in that country, according to the decree.

Besides, they can apply from this capital for tourist visas for occasional visits of family members up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and the second degree of affinity, the National Immigration Service (SNM) reported.

According to the statement, published on Monday, the new immigration measures aim to promote shopping tourism in Panama by Cuban citizens and facilitate family reunification of Venezuelans residing in the country.

Source: Prensa Latina

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