Excelencias, Arte por Excelencias Joined Fiesta del Fuego

Excelencias, Arte por Excelencias Joined Fiesta del Fuego

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The Excelencias Group’s magazines Excelencias Turísticas del Caribe y Las Américas, 133rd issue, and Arte por Excelencias, 24th issue, were launched on Saturday July 4 at Santiago de Cuba’sArte Soy Gallery within the framework of the 35th Caribbean Festival.

The launch of both magazines was attended by Mr. Jose Carlos de Santiago, CEO of the Excelencias Group and Ambassador of the Iberian American Gastronomy Academy; Alexis Triana, editor of Arte por Excelencias, and Alberto Lescay Merencio, an outstanding Santiago-born artist.

This issue of Excelencias Turísticas del Caribe y Las Américas dedicated six pages to Fiesta del Fuego (Fire Fiesta) and Santiago de Cuba’s tourism attractions, with impressive pictures and articles. On the other hand, the 24th issue of Arte por Excelencias is dedicated to the 12th edition of Havana Biennale and its back cover shows Master Lescay’s “Forced Mutation”, who is also the president of Caguayo Foundation.

Excelencias is a Spanish communication group founded in 1987, which published its first tourism magazine in 1997, and it precisely took place in Santiago de Cuba, Mr. Jose Carlos de Santiago recalled. Ever since, the sparks of Fiesta del Fuego have always been present on its issues, as a space for cultural confluence. There is always a piece of Santiago de Cuba, the flagship city of the Caribbean, in this communication empire that features 39 supports, including websites, newsletters, multimedia products, digital and printed guides and magazines.  

The launch was a perfect opportunity for the editors of both magazines to thank the support provided by the Government and Party in Santiago de Cuba, City Curator’s Office, Casa del Caribe, among other institutions. Finally, copies of both magazines were handed to the attendees, after a performance by living statues, members of famous Ojos project.

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