Mexico’s Los Cabo Basks in Spring Break Limelight

Mexico’s Los Cabo Basks in Spring Break Limelight

Los Cabos, Mexico, is booming right now, but it was just a few months ago that a U.S. State Department travel warning, natural disasters and tropical storms meant a spate of cancelations within the region, resulting in a temporary downward shift from climbing occupancy rates.

Now, with a luxury hotel boom underway and a growing culinary scene, occupancy is soaring. A recent report in BCS Noticias noted that Cabo is fully booked for spring break.

An influx of 10,000 spring breakers will pack rooms and, during Easter week, domestic travelers will also flock to the destination's 15,000-plus hotel rooms.

The minister of tourism, economy and sustainability, Genaro Ruiz Hernandez, noted that Los Cabos’ tourism sector has worked hard to achieve today’s hotel occupancy rates.

Currently, international visitors make up about 70 percent of the visitors in Los Cabos. During Easter week, that is expected to shift to approximately 50 percent international guests and 50 percent domestic.

While Los Cabos has bounced back from the negative effects of a travel warning, the U.S. continues to have a shifting stance on travel in Mexico. For clients who have questions about travel to the country or safety concerns in the region, travAlliancemedia President and CEO, Mark Murphy, recently dispelled many myths during a recent segment of “Fox & Friends.”

Source: Travel Pulse

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