Mexico’s Los Cabos Ready to Receive Visitors

02 December 2014 10:34am

Two months after Hurricane Odile hit Los Cabos, this Mexican resort “remains a great destination for people interested in a place that combines relaxation, and different outdoor activities like golf, fishing, scuba diving, water sports, etc.” according to Steve Dumaine, President of is an online travel booking company for discounted trips to the Caribbean and Mexico, founded in 2000.

Mr. Dumaine was in Los Cabos the weekend previous to Thanks Giving Day, to see the recovery efforts from Hurricane Odile. He shared his experience at Los Cabos with the readers in an exclusive interview with tips for those who may be planning their winter holidays in this Mexico’s beach destination.

The President of explained that his company did not change the location for their executives' meeting scheduled before the hurricane in Los Cabos because it was “an important opportunity to get out and actually see the destination and the market.”

The president of admits, “from when the hurricane struck, some consumers shifted to other Mexico’s destinations such as Cancun, and Riviera Maya.” However, Los Cabos is ready to receive visitors.

Mr. Dumaine said that although some areas of Los Cabos had extensive damages, including the place where he stayed —Secrets Puerto Los Cabos, up to date some four in five properties in this tourist destination are in good conditions, open for sales.

Anyway, Steve Dumaine suggests visitors to check out with a travel expert, which properties are available, if tourists are looking for some restaurant, bar or business in particular.

"Truly, the experience has not changed. Damaged properties have been reopened in top condition. Obviously, here at, we do focus on opportunities and packages that represent good value for consumers,” said Dumaine.

All the Apple Leisure Group’s companies along with some other international travel corporations are jointly working with Mexico’s Tourism Ministry in a marketing campaign named Los Cabos #Unstoppable committed to let visitors know that the resort is back open, and “in good shape."

Mr. Dumaine praised the Apple Leisure Group’s employees in Los Cabos for the way they handled the hurricane’s crisis, taking care of the guests and helping them to go home safely.

“We’re very proud of (…) these employees (who) did a great job to serve our customers,” he said.

At the end of the interview, Steve Dumaine discarded financial costs for the international travel industry, linked to the recent social protests in some Mexican cities. He said that the prime destinations in Mexico like Los Cabos, Cancun, Riviera Maya, “continue to be very, very safe," so it’s not expected a “dramatic impact” for a bit less demand in some west coast destinations due to public security issues.

Mr. Dumaine explained that there are some challenges for these locations, but he considers that the Mexican government is serious and critically aware of the safety of the tourists, “so I don’t have any concerns on safety for the customers we send to Mexico's destinations.”


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