Swoop Gets the Nod to Start U.S. Service

28 October 2018 12:57pm
Swoop Gets the Nod to Start U.S. Service

Swoop’s full schedule of flights to the U.S. will take off tomorrow now that the airline has received the last of its approvals to fly south of the border.

On Oct. 19 Swoop announced that its U.S.-bound flights from Hamilton, ON and Abbotsford, B.C. were on hold until Oct. 27. The low-cost carrier was waiting on one final approval required to operate to the U.S.

Swoop first announced its new U.S. routes back in August. The 2018/19 winter lineup includes flights from Edmonton, Hamilton and Abbotsford to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa Bay.

Flights between Edmonton and Las Vegas from Oct. 19 to 26 were minimally impacted as Swoop had leased a WestJet aircraft to operate the flights.

Swoop apologized and set up a support team who reached out directly to impacted travelers to offer rebooking options or full refunds.

Source: Travelweek Group

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