UNWTO: Tourism Prone to Grow Steadily thru 2030

UNWTO: Tourism Prone to Grow Steadily thru 2030

Written by: coordinador

In this era of bitcoin and other unpredictable investment options, smart speculators need to show their interest on a sector that has shown consistent growth since the 2009 global economic crisis, and that is – tourism.

Tourism is the third-largest export sector in the world and grew by a remarkable 7 percent in 2017. Tourism is expected to grow at a healthy rate of 4 percent-5 percent this year, and this trend will continue to grow till 2030.

According to the UNWTO, last year, international tourist arrivals, especially overnight visitors travelling around the world, reached a record 1.3-billion people.

Europe witnessed 8 percent growth in international tourist arrivals in 2017, with southern and Mediterranean Europe enjoying a 13 percent spike in spite of the Las Ramblas terror attack in Barcelona and the political uncertainty around Catalonia’s bid for independence.

People around the world are spending more on travel, realizing the innate value of investing in lasting memories and experiences.

Prosperous and newly emerging middle classes in rising economies such as China, Brazil and Russia are increasingly venturing outside their own borders and relishing the world’s tourism treasures.

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