What Does World Tourism Have in Store?

What Does World Tourism Have in Store?

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Rimini Expo Centre, an ample think tank of the sector’s experts, academicians, trade members, sociologists and semiologists will attempt to reply to these and other questions, in sync with the mission of the Industry Vision of Italian Exhibition Group, the means for understanding economic and consumption trends which supports tourism enterprises with periodical surveys and studies.

For three days, to complement one of Europe’s most complete expo showcases on vacation products, IEG’s great world tourism marketplace will also be a unique opportunity for an insight on the dynamics that will influence the global and European market in coming years.

With its Industry Vision Arena (Hall C3), in the context of a program of events, Think Future, entirely orientated towards change and innovation, TTG Travel Experience offers attendees an exceptional magnifying glass for the future trends in demand and on possible solutions to meet it.

Currently among the analysis avant-garde institutes in Italy and one of the first to have introduced the discipline of future studies, the Italian Institute for the Future will be among the key players of the next edition of TTG Travel Experience with the participation of president and co-founder Roberto Paura at a meeting entitled.

And therefore: what do the experts who study the future forecast? In its last report Long-Term Megatrends 2018, the Italian Institute for the Future writes about OVERTOURISM, included among the ten mega trends of the future on a global scale.

A process already under way that is leading to a series of provisions, for the moment not widespread, on behalf of governments and local administrations, but which in future will increasingly become part of the system.

Among the clearest issues, that of gentrification, the phenomenon due which people with higher spending power arrive in district of a town which is non-elite, causing rent prices to rise. A trend that in many cities has gone hand in hand with the development of platforms such as Airbnb.

In Florence, 18% of the apartments in the old city center are available on Airbnb, in Matera no less than 25%. What will be the trend in coming years? “Central Governments and local administrations are already taking steps to issue laws and regulations and will do so even more in coming years, starting with the European Parliament”, explains expert Roberto Paura.

Studying the future also means studying the behavior of categories of consumers. For example, young people. In the special edition of the Journal of Tourism Futures edited by them, Fabio Corbisiero and Elisabetta Ruspini have gathered a series of researches regarding the different behavior of Millennials and Generation Z of tourism consumers.

From the studies published in the special edition of the Journal of Tourism Futures, important trends emerge, not only a far as the use of social networks and digital media in choices regarding tourism consumption are concerned, also and above all the appearance of brand-new trends at the level of sustainable tourism level, the sharing economy and LGBT tourism.

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