Vaycaychella to Run 6-Room Boutique Hotel in Havana

Caribbean News…
24 November 2020 9:19pm

Vaycaychella has just announced the addition of a boutique hotel in Havana, Cuba, to its portfolio of short-term rental properties available on sharing economy apps, like Airbnb, VRBO and

The boutique hotel business announced it will operate in a former mansion located in Havana, Cuba, in the residential community of Miramar. The six-room hotel includes a restaurant and nightclub. Vaycaychella is financing the Canadian host to refurbish the building. The boutique hotel is anticipated to open by the summer of 2021.

While working on the boutique hotel project, they were introduced to Tarara, a beach resort community west of Havana. The two Vaycaychella investors -from from Canada and the other one from Texas- started backing a local partner to refurbish select Tarara properties to be used as vacation properties.  Five have been fully restored so far and rent on Airbnb, and  Five more are almost finished and ready to start taking vacation renters.

Vaycaychella's mission is to serve short-term vacation rental owners and investors with a peer-to-peer (P2P) investment application (app). Vaycaychella plans to introduce additional apps that serve short-term rental owners and investors by, for example, providing discounted access to rental amenity supplies, on demand maintenance services, insurance, security and international banking and credit card processing.

Vaycaychella built a pilot client base serving a Caribbean based vacation property owner with 10 beachfront community vacation homes currently under management. Vaycaychella has financed the property owner to acquire and refurbish the 10 premium properties. 

Since launching the Vaycaychella website earlier this year, Vaycaychella has added additional properties to its short-term rental portfolio spanning the Caribbean from Mexico to Puerto Rico to include properties in Cuba.

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