Today we are pleased to interview Mr. José Carlos de Santiago, a colleague in the communication sector and the tourism industry.
Mr. José Méndez or Pepe Méndez, as all his friends call him, is an entrepreneur with experience in the management of organisations and projects.

Today on TSTT we have Evelio Acevedo, head of one of the leading museums in Madrid and Europe, and considered a gentleman of art in the Spanish cultural universe.

Mr. Acevedo, how did a professional with high responsibilities in banking and finance become managing director of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation in 2012?

Dear Mr. Vogeler, after years dedicated to international tourism management in professional fields such as your important time at the World Tourism Organisation, what is your general opinion of the policies developed by the main tourist destinations?

Destinations have evolved significantly in their tourism policies in recent years.

Dear Natalia Bayona, as a senior executive of the World Tourism Organization, how do you foresee the evolution of the tourism industry in the short and medium term?

Exclusive interview with Gerard Byrne, managing director Archipelago International, by José Carlos de Santiago.
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