Antonio Roldán-Ponce is a specialist in the development of tourism development and management policies, and has been a senior consultant for companies and destinations in Europe, America and Central Asia.
Ms. Tamara Redondo, welcome to this series of interviews with members of the Steering Committee of the Tourism and Society Think Tank.
Today we have the honour of interviewing Niels Olsen Peet, Ecuador's Minister of Tourism, who stands out for several reasons.
Leudo Gónzalez is one of the most knowledgeable tourism professionals in Venezuela, and a great advocate of the country's tourism industry.
Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Juan Maqueda, one of the Latin leaders in the world of marketing in the United States.
Horacio Reppucci is one of the leaders of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT) and its delegate to the UNWTO.
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