“The 2007 Meier’s Weltreisen ‘Welcome to Cuba’ Mega Fam Trip has been a formidable idea to promote Cuba’s tourism image and support German tour operators with information on the island nation.” This is what this expert had to say about the good organization of this fam trip attended by nearly a hundred travel agents and tour operators dealing with the Cuba tourism product for the German market.
Just a few hours away from the end of activities for two of the groups of travel agents taking part in the 2007 Meier’s “Welcome to Cuba” Mega Fam Trip, the preliminary conclusions indicate the whole event has reaped fruits and met the ultimate goals the German tour operator mapped out before its grand tour of Cuba.
Nina Bermeiet, KANNE Travel Agency: “This is very useful experience for me. The tours have given me plentiful information for my job as a travel agent. I’ve taken a closer look at the Cuban people, the countryside, the largest cities, their hotels. Promoting Cuba as a travel destination is part of my job, especially among customers willing to spend their vacations at the beach and eager to enjoy many other attractions. The offer is varied here.” http://www.das.reisebuero.de/
This is one of the senior executives taking place in the 2007 “Welcome to Cuba” Mega Fam that’s currently touring the Caribbean island nation through Sept. 21. As many as a hundred travel agents and experts related to this major Germany-based tour operator signed up for the nationwide trip.
As part of their visit to Havana and after attending the traditional 9 o’clock cannon shot ceremony -a symbolic event that reminds the curfew the Spanish colonial rule used to impose on the city every night before closing the wall gates- the 100 travel agents and tour operators attending the Meier’s Mega Fam Trip were treated with a very special dinner offered by Cuba’s Tourism Ministry.
The early-bird arrival on Wednesday of the first group of travel agents linked to German tour operator Meier’s Weltreisen marked the beginning of the 2007 Mega Fam trip to this fabulous Caribbean travel destination.
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