Termatalia Joins the Global Wellness Day Celebration

03 June 2016 11:42pm
Termatalia Joins the Global Wellness Day Celebration

On June 11, Global Wellness Day will be observed and Termatalia will join the commemorations from its headquarters in Ourense. This is the observance of the international day dedicated to promoting a healthier way of living with healthy habits.

The objective of this celebration will be to showcase the developments of the international fair on thermal tourism, which this year takes place in Coahuila, Mexico.

During the course of the event, the Association of Spas of Galicia will present the new program entitled Galicia Hydrotherapy in an effort to promote the use of the spas in Galicia, where visitors can find accommodations and treatments tailored to their needs. This celebration will be attended by the Director of Tourism in Galicia, Nava Castro.

The Global Wellness Day is an event that transcends borders, held globally the second Saturday of each month of June, and currently involving more than 74 countries. The goal of this day of reflection is to promote wellness and encourage a healthy lifestyle. This initiative seeks to raise social awareness about the consequences and importance of prevention and wellbeing in people’s health.

The first celebration took place in Turkey back in 2012. What came into being as a small local event, in just four years has turned out to be a celebration of global scope. Today, over 600 sites distributed around the world have reached more than 100 million people. And the movement grows on.

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