FITUR LGBT+ 2021 to Hold Thematic Lectures, Presentations

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11 May 2021 11:55pm

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With a new, more inclusive nomenclature, FITUR LGBT+ will hold a series of conferences and presentations in which different themes will be developed with the aim of revitalizing tourism and enhancing the diversity of the different destinations. "DESTINATIONS FOR DIVERSITY" will be the claim of this section, sponsored by IBERIA, which is part of FITUR's "Tourism Recovery Special," to be held May 19-23.

Best practices, digitalization, companies, the media and national destinations will be the focus of the conference, where different destinations will showcase their proposals for revitalizing and revitalizing the sector, with innovative and effective approaches. In this context, the "Spanish Network of Destinations for Diversity" will be presented.

FITUR LGBT+ will be officially inaugurated on Wednesday, May 19 at an event attended by various institutional authorities. On Thursday, May 20, presentations will focus on "Diversity and Tourism: International Relations," "Sports and Diversity," "Best Practices in LGBT Tourism," "National Destinations," "Supporting LGBT Tourism from the Institutions," "Business and Diversity" and "The Influence of Leisure on Tourism.

On Friday, May 21, the topics will focus on "Trade, Tourism and Diversity. The Importance of Associationism'', "Media, Diversity and LGBT Tourism", "Digitalization in LGBT Tourism", "Betting on Sustainability", "International Prides", and "Diversity and Tourism, New Family Models, Senior and Trans Tourism". In addition, the "FITUR LGBT+ 2021 Award Ceremony will be held.

Finally, during the weekend (Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23) there will be recreational events for the general public.

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