Queretaro Hosts the Tourism and Society Think Tank

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26 April 2022 10:33pm

International tourism experts will meet in Querétaro on 27 April to discuss the new challenges and opportunities for the sector worldwide, as well as to propose strategies for adaptation and promotion based on the guidelines of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, through the forum "Tourism and Society Think Tank: New international trends to take tourism to the next level.

This meeting, organized by the Ministry of Tourism of the state of Querétaro (Mexico), aims to present to the local and international tourism sector a global vision on the development of this issue and its social impact on destinations. 

The experts will share success stories and innovative proposals to help the sector recover from the pandemic and current challenges, as well as networking sessions with attendees.

The event will take place at the Querétaro Centro de Congresos, where world-class speakers will participate, such as: Oscar Rueda García, CARGO, Amora Carbajal Schumacher (executive president of PROMPERÚ, Maximiliano Mauvecín (secretary general of the South American Tourism Federation), José Carlos Santiago (president and founder of Grupo Excelencias), Juan Francisco Maqueda (founder of the integrated marketing agency LatamOne), José Antonio Vidal (president of the World Wine Tourism Organization), Inmaculada Benito (Director of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations), Antonio Roldán Ponce (Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden (Germany) and International Tourism Consultant), José Ramón Bauza (Member of the European Parliament; spokesperson for Renew Europe in the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament), and Mohamed Taleb (United Nations expert on Tourism and Territorial Development.

This forum, aimed at the entire tourism sector of the state of Querétaro and interested members of the public, is free of charge, and you can reserve your place to participate in the forum.

Tourism and Society Think Tank is an international organization, made up of experts with a wide and recognised trajectory in the sector, who permanently reflect and offer contributions that make it possible to foresee tourism trends in the world and their impact on communities, under the perspective of the guidelines of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, such as the optimisation of environmental resources, respect and differentiation of local culture, as well as the equitable distribution of wealth in society.

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