TTG Travel Experience Gets Underway with a Call for Confidence

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11 October 2021 8:28pm

By Massimo Terracina

Last year, TTG Travel Experience was a great organizational test, a challenge in the challenge of the pandemic that met with considerable success. Now, one year after the first "pandemic" edition, and a bit more than a week from the event everyone is waiting for, "TTG, SIA and SUN 2021", accomplices signs of recovery (opening of the US borders, vaccinations in important percentages) there is much anticipation for a reunion in the exhibition pavilions of the Fiera di Rimini.

The three events will bring together the players of tourism, all tourism, not only what is always considered, the incoming, but also the son of a lesser God, that outgoing made up of tour operators, travel agencies, which too often ignores, even if 700 foreign buyers testify to the enormously increased interest in Italy.

From 13 to 15 October, in Rimini, the three branches of the TTG Travel Experience, now in its 58th edition, "TTG, SIA, SUN" today in the orbit of the Italian Exhibition Group, will constitute the most important moment of comparison of national tourism and will speak of trust.

The main theme of this edition will, in fact, be “Be Confident”, read and paraphrased according to four declinations: people, nature, future and life, assumed dissected in two hundred events on nine arenas in three days.

The event will open on 13 October with an Opening Ceremony whose theme is as topical as ever: "Projects and innovation in the future of the industry" which will see on stage dialogues with the top managers in the sector: by Fabio Lazzerini, CEO of ITA (the new flagship airline company) to Giorgio Palmucci, President of ENIT (Promotional Bureau for Italy), from Bernabò Bocca, President of Federalberghi to Massimo Garavaglia, current Minister of Tourism.

Gloria Armiri, group exhibition manager of the tourism and hospitality division of Italian Exhibition Group


“Sustainability, female employment, accessibility, new narrative and market trends - says Gloria Armiri, group exhibition manager of the tourism and hospitality division of Italian Exhibition Group - are some of the topics covered in the three days of the event within the 9 TTG arenas, SIA and SUN. We have built a panel of over 200 events with the desire to offer the plates tools and inspiration useful to face the change we are all experiencing. Could only be Trust - 'Be Confident' - the theme of the 2021 edition, an essential value for looking to the future with serenity.”

Saudi Arabia will be the Official Partner Country, strengthening its presence as a tourist destination, looking for a better exposition on international markets.

The 2021 event will see the participation of over 20 countries in the The World section, including Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Cuba, Colombia, Jordan, Maldives, Seychelles and, for Europe, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Malta, Ireland and Cyprus.

STA (Saudi Tourism Authority) is committed to making Saudi Arabia known as a tourist destination thanks also to the launch of collaborations with business partners in the travel sector around the world, to expand the reach of the country's tourism offer and promote its diffusion in key markets, as stated by Fahd Hamidaddin, CEO of STA.

The central event of TTG Travel Experience will be dedicated to Vision TTG 2022 which will reveal the forecasts for the next five years on the movements and trends of the tourism market, to professionals in the sector.



These are the four keywords of the 2021 edition:


There is a need for transparent relationships between companies and travelers, a condition sometimes forgotten in the past. 


The journey must evolve. Tourism of easy consumption, insensitive and unsustainable, needs a "revision". Progress for the travel industry must be read in a renewal of the relationship of harmony between the social, cultural and natural space.


Travelers very often want to be looked after and seek safety. These are one of the indispensable factors for tourism planning in the immediate future.


The integrity of the holiday spaces are a common good to be preserved, which presupposes a different use of the tourist product.

Aiming at the future, TTG comes with many returns and even absences, but which pulsates alive and appreciated and gives the image of a sector that wants to have the best of any adversity at any cost.

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