The main leaders of all the important travel agencies and Canadian tour operators will be present at the fair to bear out their stance as Cuba’s top outbound market.

FitCuba 2018, the island nation’s top international travel and tourism fair, is poised to have the largest turnout of delegates as the fair unfolds on May 2-5 in Cayo Santa Maria, a beautiful and sought-after key off the coast of Villa Clara province, in central Cuba.

Cuba has already surpassed the 500,000 visitor mark for 2018 and much of the credit goes to Canada, once again the island’s top source market.

The Arte por Excelencias project gathered Friday at the Eddy Suñol Theater in the city of Holguín to attend the presentation of issues 33rd of Arte por Excelencias, 148th of Excelencias Turísticas and 55th of Excelencias Gourmet.

The 38th International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2018 will feature the UK as guest of honor. The Cuban Minister of Tourism, Manuel Marrero, said next year's edition will have Cayo Santa Maria as venue, in the central province of Villa Clara.

The day of presentations at FITCuba 2017 began Thursday morning at the Playa Pesquero Hotel with a lecture on international travel news delivered by Alejandro Valera, deputy regional director of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) for the Americas.

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