Brazil Tourism Puts Strong Numbers on the Board

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02 August 2022 3:50am

Brazil’s tourism body is witnessing better airline activity this year, with a year-over-year record amount of global flights coming down to the South American nation in June.

In June this year, Brazil hosted 3,806 airline flights, marking a 78 percent upsurge compared to the 836 flights that the country’s airports saw in June 2021. June is usually a “low” period for travel in Brazil; however, the number of flights and seats augmented this year, said the officials at Embratur, which is Brazil’s tourist board.

Silvio Nascimento, the president of Embratur said that in July, a month when usually there is a small increase, a jump can be predicted in the total number of worldwide flights to Brazil.

Officials at Embratur said that United Airlines lately recommenced flights from Chicago to Sao Paulo and also from Houston to Rio de Janeiro.

Furthermore, Lufthansa has restarted flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Rio de Janeiro. There are also flights from Amsterdam to Rio. In October, Eastern Air is set to increase aircrafts from Miami and New York to Belo Horizonte.

Delta Air Lines, currently functioning weekly 10 flights to Brazil, will also ramp up its facility to the country, opined the officials at Embratur. Delta functioned 21 weekly flights to Brazil, counting everyday flights to Sao Paulo from Atlanta, from New York to Sao Paulo, and from Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro, along with periodic flights between Rio and New York in 2019 before the pandemic.

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