China may be the story for the great outbound travel boom, but its neighbour Japan is the home for inbound visitor growth.

Caribbean Hotels are expecting a good 2016 after the tourism industry’s great performance last year.

According to the latest Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF), Latin America will need 2,540 new passenger and freighter aircraft between 2015 and 2034, to meet long term growth in the region.

The twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda are celebrating the successful growth of their U.S. tourism market that has shown remarkable double-digit growth in the previous three months with incredibly strong forward bookings.

Despite the slide in the value of the Canadian dollar, results of the survey show that 64 percent of consumers surveyed are planning to travel and another 83 percent wish they could be traveling.

China is likely to hit the 130 million mark, an increase of 10 million over the last year, according to the International Tourism Development Institute in China Tourism Academy.

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