Barbados Sacks Jamaica from its Travel Bubble

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06 August 2020 9:19pm
Barbados beach

Jamaica is keeping Barbados and other Caribbean countries within its travel bubble despite a resurgence of the COVID-19 on some islands.

According to Jamaican publication Loop, Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett made the disclosure on the heels of Barbados kicking Jamaica and a number of other islands out of its drastically reduced travel bubble, as part of measures to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Barbados has whittled down its list to just five countries.

"I don't know what the prerequisites are for being in that bubble," Bartlett told Loop Caribbean. "Barbados is a partner but we recognise that all of us are managing the pandemic and we have varying levels of success. Jamaica's success compares favourably with the top performers of the world. On a per-capita basis, Jamaica and Costa Rica are among the top in the world — way ahead of Barbados and others. I'm not sure what that scenario would be but nonetheless, we're partners and we keep the Caribbean in our bubble and Barbados is one of the countries," Mr. Bartlett went on to say.

Bartlett said measures have been put in place and are being fiercely implemented to protect the sanctity of the COVID-resilient corridor. He added that every business operating in that area had to prove their compliance with all the stipulated regulations before they were certified and allowed to facilitate tourists.

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