Source Digital Makes its Mark on the Travel Industry


Source Digital announces its partnership with several key tourism departments, including Visit Central Florida and South Padre Island in Texas, which are both currently running a successful digital pre-roll campaign through the Tallahassee-based Zimmerman Agency. 

The use of video advertising has proven immensely valuable to the travel industry as a way to introduce potential visitors to new destinations. Now, through the use of Source Digital's interactive technology, these tourism partners can drive even greater awareness toward local attractions, accommodations, special events, and more, tailored to specific viewer interests.

"Our partners appreciate the opportunity to not only build more brand awareness with actionable engagement right in the moment," shares Senior Vice President of Media, John Nicholas, "But also the ability to receive in-depth visitor insights that go far beyond CTR and VCR reporting."

"We are proud to provide smart-travel marketers with the unique technology to transform their ad campaigns," explains Gary Dennis, Chief Revenue Officer for Source Digital. "With our advanced tech, a destination video becomes a powerful sales and consumer information tool, capturing valuable, actionable data."

Through Acuity Ads, Source Digital media reaches millions of viewers, targeting specifically by demographic and geographic segments to drive the meaningful ad engagement that results in strong on-site conversions for travel industry clients. 

Source technology offers interested visitors the chance to engage with destination-based local businesses seamlessly within the video ad experience. 

While CTR are comparable to that of programmatic display media, video and expandable units are set apart from standard units to create interactive, engageable moments with potential visitors. In this way, every campaign can drive highly targeted audiences, delivering uniquely successful results.

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