Italy: New Restrictions as BIT Pushed Back to April

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03 January 2022 4:42pm
Italy BIT

By Massimo Terracina

It was not unexpected. With the new 2022 rules related to another update of the anti-Covid measures, to deal with the fourth wave of the disease, the BIT (Borsa Italiana del Turismo) one of the two main events dedicated to the sector in Italy, first announced on February 13-15 will be moved to April 10-12. 

Given the uncertainty linked to the increase in infections, the International Tourism Exchange continues to listen to the needs of operators in the sector, and facilitates them, moving the dates of the event to 10/12 April, focusing on restarting in the spring.

We all know tourism is experiencing a moment of uncertainty and, in a context in which the pandemic affects short and long-range travel, the sector is still a victim of the decisions of the various governments and the behavior of individuals.

In this context, tourism operators, who see BIT as a unique and privileged moment to create business and meet, ask for more time to allow the sector to find a balance and identify the trends that will characterize it in the coming months.

For that reason, the International Tourism Exchange changes date: from February it moves to spring, from 10 to 12 April 2022 maintaining its formula that looks at the tourist destinations of Italy and the world and proposes, through its exhibitors, an offer complete for incoming and outgoing.

From now until April, the Bit Observatory will be active to monitor the situation and identify the best solutions to relaunch the sector. Always listening to the market, BIT will continue to interact with operators to create an event in step with the needs and the current context.

The goal is to guarantee the high standards offered by the event in a context full of opportunities, which hopefully spring will be able to offer.

In the meantime here is the situation in Italy until the expiry of the state of emergency, in light of the latest measures and those that will soon be launched, among which the Super green pass to work node stands out on which decisions will be made on January 5.

From January 1st, no quarantine, but only the application of self-surveillance for asymptomatic subjects who have received the booster dose, the third in short, have completed the primary vaccination cycle in the previous 4 months, or have recovered from the infection in the 4 months who come into contact with a positive person.

However, you will be required to wear the Ffp2 mask for at least ten days. Those who have been vaccinated for more than 4 months, if asymptomatic, will have to do a 5-day quarantine in these cases. No changes for those who are not vaccinated: the quarantine remains fixed in 10 days.

From January 3, Lombardy, Piedmont, Lazio and Sicily are added to the list of regions already in the yellow zone, i.e. Calabria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Marche, Veneto and the autonomous provinces of Bolzano and Trento, likely prelude to the change (pejorative9 in orange The latest decrees have effectively canceled the old differences between the white and yellow zones. In both, the mask is mandatory outdoors, but there are no restrictions on movement and all activities remain open.


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