Brand USA Announces Third Film Release at IPW 2019

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04 June 2019 7:36pm
Brand USA Announces Third Film Release at IPW 2019

Brand USA, the destination-marketing organization for the United States, has announced its third film for release in IMAX® and giant screen theaters in collaboration with MacGillivray Freeman Films—"Into America's Wild" (working title)—at IPW.

Scheduled to premiere in Washington, D.C. in February 2020, the film will follow trailblazers John Herrington, the first Native American astronaut, and Alaskan pilot Ariel Tweto, on a cross-country journey of the USA's great outdoors.

Presented in partnership with Expedia Group, the film will lead international audiences across the United States' scenic byways, ancient homelands, little known trails, and hidden gems that form the natural tapestry of America.

John Herrington and Ariel Tweto will help showcase some of America's greatest outdoor experiences from kayaking Oregon's stunning coast, to exploring the ancient canyons of the Southwest, experiencing the wilds of Alaska, walking the Appalachian Trail, and more.

"In the spirit of our hit films, "National Parks Adventure" and "America's Musical Journey" we are thrilled to partner again with MacGillivray Freeman Films and Expedia on the release of our third giant screen film," said Christopher L. Thompson, president and CEO of Brand USA. "Our latest film takes you on a cross-country journey to scenic byways, ancient homelands, little gems, and hidden trails that form the natural tapestry of America."

"This new film will take audiences on an exciting journey of America's many outdoor wonders," said Shaun MacGillivray, the film's producer and president of MacGillivray Freeman Films. "We hope that this immersive, giant-screen experience will encourage travelers to connect with nature and seek new experiences and adventures in the USA."

"We are proud to work with Brand USA and MacGillivray Films on this third film that showcases the natural tapestry of America's outdoors," said Jennifer Andre, senior director of business development at Expedia Group Media Solutions. "We are encouraged by the success of the past two films, and believe that this new film will encourage even more international travel to the United States."

Based on research conducted by Phocuswright and Oxford Economics, Brand USA's screen strategy has yielded tremendous success. According to the study released in 2018, "National Parks Adventure" generated nearly $700 million in incremental visitor spend and enticed 172,335 incremental visitors to the United States, creating a total impact to the U.S. economy of $1.5 billion.

The study includes analysis of six markets – Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, and the United Kingdom – finds a marketing return on investment of 56:1.

Both films have also been recognized by the cinematic industry with numerous awards, including Best Film of 2016 in the Short Subject category at the Giant Screen Cinema Association's Achievement Awards ("National Parks Adventure") and Best Audience Recommendation Award in the science and technology category at the 2018 Beijing International Film Festival ("America's Musical Journey").

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