15 Records of Argentina that Will Lure You to Visit the Country

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20 January 2022 5:06am

Because it has the most beautiful bookstore in the world, because it is home to the largest water curtain on the face of the Earth, because it even has the most intense sports experience on the planet. Argentina has it all and there is no shortage of reasons to visit it.

The feeling of crossing out must-sees is like filling that album of figurines from when we were little. Because traveling awakens in all of us that paradox of being a child again, no matter how old you are. With its innocence, the smile from ear to ear, the inexhaustible energy and above all the fascination of unlocking new experiences as if it were the first time. 

To travel is to break down prejudices, to challenge oneself, to understand cultures and to grow by leaps and bounds. Doing it in Argentina has, in addition, the great satisfaction of knowing destinations that lead the global ranking. It is the second largest country in Latin America and its territory, pending for anyone. But for those who need facts, here is a list of records that will weigh in the balance when planning your next learning session through the South American continent:  

1 - The most visited country in South America.

The immensity of one of the largest pieces of ice on the planet, natural wonders awarded worldwide, gastronomy that seduces even the most demanding palates, outstanding academic poles, the best winery in the world, an inexhaustible list of World Heritage Sites. Shall we continue? Because there are many, many more reasons that postulate the country of asado as the leader of the South American podium. According to a report published in 2019 by the World Tourism Organization - the UN specialized agency - Argentina is, without discussion, the most visited country in the region. Impossible to say no to such a statistic.

2 - One of the most beautiful bookstores in the world according to National Geographic 


A place where time does not pass, or rather, where all times are possible. The Ateneo Splendid is in Buenos Aires, precisely in the Recoleta neighborhood, and although in the 1920s it was the scene of dances, operas and even historic moments such as a tango sung by Gardel, today it is a paradise for avid readers and curious tourists. Among 120,000 copies looking for an owner, walking through its aisles is the perfect excuse to discover new favorites and rediscover literary classics. Its past is still latent in its theatrical architecture. In fact, where the staging used to shine, its colored curtains still remain and today embrace a cafeteria ideal to take a break from the urban rhythm and enter into thousands of universes simultaneously. 

3 - The most intense sports experience in the world 

This is what the English newspaper The Observer said when referring to the iconic Boca-River soccer match. And it also added that watching it at La Bombonera is one of the 50 sporting spectacles that you have to see at least once before you die. It is a duel that divides the nation into opposing colors and sides, which is why the results define the mood of the people. It happens that in Argentina emotion is never left aside. And it is moments like this that show the tourist on duty why Maradona was a God, that a ball is much more than that and that national passion has no equivalent. The screams, the chants, the hugs and even the tears that are awakened in the stadium are there to prove it. 

4 - The fourth country with more World Heritage Sites in Latin America


Places on Earth with exceptional universal value, this is how UNESCO defines a World Heritage Site. Therefore, with 11 coordinates to its credit, the Albiceleste territory moves the compass of every adventurer. Six of them are of great cultural importance and the other five are of natural importance. Are there Heritage Sites for all tastes? Of course there is. From one of the oldest forests on the planet with 2620 year old trees to soils that the dinosaurs themselves have walked on, even 155 kilometers of colors to the north, seas where whales give live shows and much more.

5 - The largest curtain of water on the face of the Earth

With its 275 falls, the Iguazu Falls in Misiones are considered the largest waterfalls on the planet. Besides being one of the seven natural wonders of the world, of course. And that is precisely why trying to describe them in a few lines gives the feeling that nothing can do them justice. We can still try: the strength of the water, the immensity of nature and the wet dew that rests on the face of the expectant traveler (and above all smiling), make for a situation of complete fulfillment and admiration. Because if something is certain is that no one can be indifferent to the thunderous fall of the Argentine water. 

6 - The longest salt flat in the world

This is the best kept secret in Antofagasta de la Sierra: the Antofalla salt flat. It is located in the Puna and, curiously, it has a width of 1.5 meters.

8 - The highest mountain in the Americas 

With 6961 meters, the Aconcagua is the highest peak in America and one of the most famous in the world. The true glory for climbing enthusiasts who come to southern soil (more precisely to Mendoza). It has 33 routes and all of them go through amazing rock masses that together with nature and its skies - starry, orange, violet - make up dreamy postcards. How long does it take to make this journey? 15 days to reach the summit. So, if sport is your thing, this note is a sign for you to start planning your next trip.  

9 - Ski resort winner of the World Ski Awards for five years in a row

More than 28 runs and 140 hectares ready to be released every morning managed to position Chapelco for 5 years in a row as the leader of the table according to the World Ski Awards. A spectacle in the province of Neuquén. Now, what can you do in this white-tinted paradise: skiing and snowboarding, of course, sleigh rides and trekking in virgin snow are some of the most chosen adrenaline triggers. The icing on the cake? Its landscapes and the panoramic views of the Lanín National Park and Lake Lácar in winter, its high gastronomy and thousands of breweries to party under the open sky.

10 - The third largest glacier mantle on the planet after the poles.


A giant massif of frozen water rises to the south of the Argentine territory. A place that, as UNESCO said, is of exceptional value. A landscape that dresses in blue and white like the shirt of the country it inhabits. Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz is the largest in the country and one of the most important (and giant) ice masses in the world. It is a natural wonder that dazzles local and international visitors with its ice falls. Its stars are the iconic Perito Moreno glacier and the unmistakable Mount Fitz Roy. Any suggestions on how to wear out your slippers? Plenty.

11 - One of the southernmost lands in the world


If someone invites you to the End of the World, would you go? In Argentina it is possible, and so is stepping on one of the southernmost territories of the planet. Even listening to the rattle of the train with the record for the southernmost train among snow-capped peaks and unique landscapes is worthy of any international journey. Where? In Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, which conquers travelers' hearts and connects them with the feeling of being at the ends of the Earth. To tell the truth, there are plenty of attractions: the picturesque Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse, the famous Beagle Channel, the water adventures and even its ski resorts. 

12 - Best winery in South America and in the world

Its grape elixir reaches more than 60 countries in the five continents. Coincidence? Of course not. Since 2019, the Mendoza winery Zuccardi Valle de Uco wins the mention of The World's Best Vineyards and gives purple-lipped smiles to each of its visitors. A not minor title for winemakers around the globe. It has to do with the combination of the magical setting of the Andes Mountains, the great flavors of its restaurant Piedra Infinita and the notes of altitude that only its wines can offer. Have we convinced you yet? 

13 - The second largest wetland in South America

The Iberá marshlands of Corrientes are an ecosystem where everything seems to merge to perfection. The green of its mountains, the blue of the sky, the melodies of each of its inhabitants and, above all, the feeling of starting from scratch hand in hand with the local nature. A picture? 12,000 km of eternal trails, vibrant marshes, almost 400 kinds of birds and the most diverse fauna and flora. You can get to know them by boat, canoe, kayaks and even horseback riding. But the truth is that all the answers are correct, because the only condition here is to admire and contemplate the gifts of the Argentine soil. Of course, at sunset the show of the Esteros is even more incredible. 

14 - The narrowest restaurant in the world

The story began many years ago, in 1870 to be exact. What today is a gourmet corner of the capital of Cordoba, was once a 36-meter long corridor used by the service and connected the mansions of the block. Papagayo not only offers regional gastronomy of the highest level - because when it comes to traveling in Argentina, the palate is never left out of the equation - but in such a small space the experience is superlative. Is your mouth watering? You'll have to try it. Even the design is excellent. And we're not just saying that, according to the architecture portal Dwell, it is one of the 13 best-designed restaurants in the world. 

15 - The largest colony of penguins on the planet 

Two million penguins found their home in the Punta Tombo Natural Protected Area in Chubut. It makes sense, because these little animals live among contrasts of incredible beauty: steppe, reddish rocks and turquoise sea. So, for fans of wildlife watching, this location is a must-see in any traveler's bible. And pay attention, because in addition to Magellanic penguins, there are 108 species of seabirds that finish giving the environment the color that our lens was looking for.

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