All Parties Underscore the Success of the 2007 Meier’s Mega Fam Trip

25 September 2007 3:02am

From Sept. 12 thru 21, Cuba’s major travel destinations were visited by travel agents and tour operators that signed up for the 2007 Meier’s Mega Fam Trip. Caribbean News Digital kept tabs on each and every detail with an extensive news coverage and collected opinions from participants, organizers, hoteliers and Cuban incoming companies. All of them believe this event has been very successful and point to the many benefits the island nation has reaped from it.

For the organizers, “Cuba is a very special, incredible and safe travel destination Meier’s Weltreisen will continue to put its smart money on in coming years. This particular product has a lot to offer to the German market, so it’ll continue to be one of top priorities in the Caribbean region.”

Participating travel agents and tour operators had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a closer peek at the largest Caribbean island. For them, Cuba is an attractive, luring nation that features a varied tourist offer, interesting culture and a very hospitable people. From a practical standpoint, attendants agree they are now better prepared to provide their customers with firsthand information on Cuba.

As far as Cuban hoteliers and incoming agencies are concerned, they went the extra mile to make sure all participating travel agents and tour operators could take an in-depth look at Cuba and feel the human warmth of the Cuban people. They all agree the Meier’s Mega Fam Trip will certainly help them bring in more German visitors to the island nation.

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