First Two Groups Wrap Up Their Activities in Cuba

21 September 2007 4:40am

Just a few hours away from the end of activities for two of the groups of travel agents taking part in the 2007 Meier’s “Welcome to Cuba” Mega Fam Trip, the preliminary conclusions indicate the whole event has reaped fruits and met the ultimate goals the German tour operator mapped out before its grand tour of Cuba.

During the last day of inspections at a number of hotels in Varadero, Inge Kupper, Meier’s Weltreisen Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, said this Mega Fam “has really surpassed all expectations because none of these travel agents had ever been to Cuba before. All of them keep telling me they’re now ready to provide more information to their customers because they’ve taken a firsthand look at the product and they now know for sure what it’s actually all about,” Mrs. Kupper told Caribbean News Digital.

“These travel agents have been welcomed with great hospitality by both common people and tourism workers. They enjoyed a nice stay here and they’re quite impressed with the destination,” the senior executive from Meier’s pointed out.

The weeklong event provided an important moment during the workshop attended by partnership representatives and travel agents related to Meier’s. This particular activity showed all participants how Cuban hotel chains are gearing for the upcoming wintertime peak travel season all across the island nation.

“I believe everything we’ve watched and assessed, coupled with the suggestions we’ve timely made, are all linked to the improvements of the facilities and their maintenance. Hotels must be improved each and every year; that’s something that must be done all the time. Everything we’ve seen both in the workshop and at the facilities, as well as the detailed information we’ve compiled, lay bare how fruitful this event has actually been. This Mega Fam Trip has been a very successful event, far more successful than we’d anticipated.”

Mrs. Kupper’s entourage wrapped up its activities with a farewell dinner. The group is scheduled to leave Cuba Wednesday afternoon.

This is the second time the Meier’s Mega Fam Trip chooses the Caribbean island nation for its major marketing event. The previous visit occurred back in 2004.

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