Q & A with Rosemeire Perdersoli-Fuhrmann, Marketing Expert at the Cuban Tourism Ministry Office (MINTUR) in Germany’s Frankfurt

21 September 2007 4:42am

“The 2007 Meier’s Weltreisen ‘Welcome to Cuba’ Mega Fam Trip has been a formidable idea to promote Cuba’s tourism image and support German tour operators with information on the island nation.” This is what this expert had to say about the good organization of this fam trip attended by nearly a hundred travel agents and tour operators dealing with the Cuba tourism product for the German market.

Mrs. Perdersoli-Fuhrmann was one of the exhibitors of the Cuba product during the Mega Fam Trip’s Sept. 17 working session in Varadero Beach that, as she put it, “was quite a smash hit.”

What does MINTUR make of your attending the 2007 Meier’s Mega Fam Trip?
The invitation to attend the Meier’s Mega Fam Trip was a major opportunity to promote the Cuba tourism product in the German market. That’s why the head of our office, Elena Rabassa, asked me to put other matter on the back burner and take part in this fam trip.

We actually conduct a number of actions to promote Cuba as a travel destination, mostly through promotional campaigns. As we speak, we’re carrying out the Viva Cuba campaign, and we’re planning on a second publicity blitz later this year to target the Holguin travel destination.

Cuba’s Tourism Ministry was one of the entities that provided information on the local tourism product during a workshop at the Princesa del Mar Hotel attended by the four participating groups. What aspects were the German travel agents and tour operators interested in the most?
For this workshop, the groups were divided into a dozen smaller groups of eight to ten persons each, and all of them had their chance at the MINTUR table. They asked a lot of questions, got interested in details, especially about those locations with more museums. However, they also asked questions about transportation and nature tours.

They are quite acquainted with Varadero and Havana, so that explains why we focused mainly on the promotion of such travel destinations as Pinar del Rio and Holguin. Those two locations are now ready for the upcoming wintertime travel season that’ll kick off on November 1.

Do you think the workshop really met its ultimate goals?
The workshop really made a splash. Everything went like clockwork. Out of the Holguin group, just a couple of people had been to Cuba before, and they are impressed with everything they’ve seen so far. They are very happy to know that Holguin is ready for the upcoming peak travel season.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Absolutely. I’d like to say that the Cuba tourism product is getting good hype. I believe it’s the perfect travel destination for German travelers because of the island nation’s lush nature, let alone the happiness and friendliness of the Cuban people.

I’d like to highlight the good organization of this Meier’s Mega Fam Trip. I think it’s been the chance of a lifetime. I’d like to congratulate and thank Angela, Martina, Helen, Holgen and Juliana –all of them are top execs at Meier’s. My heart also goes out to all of the groups –especially the one in Holguin- and to Marinero, the Gaviota company’s guide.

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