In Their Own Words

18 September 2007 5:02am

Nina Bermeiet, KANNE Travel Agency:
“This is very useful experience for me. The tours have given me plentiful information for my job as a travel agent. I’ve taken a closer look at the Cuban people, the countryside, the largest cities, their hotels. Promoting Cuba as a travel destination is part of my job, especially among customers willing to spend their vacations at the beach and eager to enjoy many other attractions. The offer is varied here.”

Bethina Stemmer, ITR-REISEN Travel Agency:
“This Mega Fam trip is very important to me since this is my first time in Cuba. We’ve taken a number of interesting and useful tours. By knowing Cuba so well, I’m a in a better position to further promote the travel destination.”

Annika Remmert, Dortmund Travel Agency:
“The most important thing for me is that this experience has given the chance of taking a closer peek at Cuba as a travel destination. I had never been to this charming island nation before, so this trip is going to help me to keep my customers better posted on it.”

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